New Law Might Reveal Google’s Secret Search Algorithms

“Forcing Google to dissolve its algorithms would be equivalent to telling Coca-Cola and KFC to disclose their recipes to the public.” -Anup Kumar 

French authorities are discussing a new law that would force Google to reveal their secret search algorithms.  The European Union is accusing Google of illegally favoring its own services.

“It’s a question of ensuring fairness. Too many businesses view search engines as bottlenecks. The net is tightening around [Google]”, according to Catherine Morin-Desailly, Member of the French Senate.

The new law is being examined this week and if passed, the French would want to immediately start picking apart Google’s top secret (and patented) search algorithm. 

Google won’t give up their best kept secret. They would rather pull their services out of France as they did with Spain.

According to Fossbytes, “Google’s search engine algorithm is the heart of Google and it will surely find a way to dodge this law. This algorithm is the key to its dominance and power. It is unclear how Google will react to this reaction in France.” The article suggests Google will pull their services out of France if their hand is forced. This wouldn’t be the first time either. They did it to Spain last year.

If Google was required to disclose their algorithm, search results could be manipulated which would lead to inaccurate search results. Google’s second main goal is to provide customers with relevant search results (making money off ads is their first goal of course).

It’s a fact that Google’s algorithm rules the Internet. When it comes to finding information on the net, there’s Google – and then there’s everyone else.

Google’s search algorithm is the gold standard when it comes to search results. According to WIRED, “It possesses the seemingly magical ability to interpret searcher’s requests – no matter how awkward or misspelled.”

Incredibly, Google updates their search method recipe every 16 hours or so.

Google handle’s more than 90% of the Internet searches in Europe. Interestingly, it only handles 68% of the searches in its home country!

Even though France could pass laws requiring Google to give up the goods, Google will never give up their secrets. As they previously demonstrated in Spain, they’ll simply stop working in France.

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