The Most Common Law Blog and SEO Mistake in the World

law firm SEO

Creating a successful law blog takes time, work, dedication and motivation.  There’s a million other things to do instead of sitting down at your desk and churning out content… for free (unless you’re a paid blogger – than kudos to you!).  I read an articleby Marcus Sheridan, the Sales Lion, that will improve your results substantially if getting more web traffic is one of your goals.

Marcus says this: “If you don’t have a keyword phrase goal for every blog post you ever write, you`re missing the boat.”
What are Keyword Phrase Goals? To increase relevant traffic to your law blog or website you should be writing about content your ideal clients are looking for online. Keyword research can help increase traffic to your site.  Placing proper keyword phrases in your blog’s title and/or article can help.  Google changes it’s algorithms all the time so it’s never an exact science but it definitely helps.  Keeping your content fresh and interesting helps too.  Check out Google’s tool over here for more info on key words. 
Marcus suggests that SEO should be your top priority unless you have oodles of subscribers.  Witty blog titles on your law blog help but they should also include relevant key word phrases.  Your goal is to appear on the prized first page of Google search results.  What are your ideal clients searching for online? How are they searching for it? What combinations of words are they using? You need to get into their heads for a moment. Marcus goes on to say he should be able to guess what your keyword goals are from your last ten blog post titles.
Creating a successful law blog is tough.  There’s a lot of competition out there as more and more legal industry folks are realizing social media can be utilized for marketing and/or business development. Make it easier by doing some keyword research and optimizing your posts.  Try it out for a couple weeks and monitor your Google Analytics.  Let me know how it works in the comments below.

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