5 Dark Sharing Strategies Lawyers Need to Know #DarkShare

According to AllTwitter, “dark social sharing” is dwarfing both Facebook and Twitter when it comes to social media sharing.

You’re probably wondering what “dark sharing” is. I didn’t know what it was until I read the article too. Dark sharing is when you copy a website link and forward it to a friend via email, private Facebook message or text. 

According to the article, 9 out of 10 people dark share, and they do it often. 93% of Internet users worldwide have shared links via dark sharing.

Here’s the good stuff. People share content via dark sharing three times as often as Facebook sharing and more than eight times that of other social sharing platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.). 

How to Take Advantage of Dark Sharing:

  • Make your content easy to share. You should have social sharing buttons that allow people to “email this article to a friend”. There are a variety of plug-ins and widgets that you can add to your site to do this.
  • If you write blog posts, add a caption at the end of the article that says “email this to a friend” and hyperlink that text to a widget that shares it. This way, you are telling your readers to send it. Even if they didn’t think about it at first, you’re giving them the idea to do it.
  • Make sure your links aren’t too long.
  • Write interesting, compelling, unique content. Make it so interesting that your readers will feel like their doing their friends a disservice by not sending it to them.
  • Start sending your clients and friends links to interesting content. They will start doing the same in return. They will also most likely visit your website (make sure you have your website in your email signature).

Personally, I do this all the time. I send my friends links almost every day; however, I only send them unique information that I think they won’t find elsewhere. Additionally, I send them content when I think I’m the first to do so (I’m competitive!).

What do you think about dark sharing? Do you do it often?

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  • David Laud

    Great article Samantha, I love it when activity we’ve been undertaking for years gets a cool name. The only comment I have is on knowing your network and keeping the shot selection of sharing specific content minimal. In my experience “less is more” as most of my network Id Dark Share with are already dealing with a huge volume of communications. I like your description of unique information and the competitive streak but the filter still needs to be finely tuned.

    The other reason for rationing the dark shares is that to work effectively each message is tailored to the specific recipient – well that’s how I do it. David Laud

  • I really love this post. I have been blogging about this a long time. We share a gazillion more things privately than we do publicly. And your tips are great. I share more content than most on social (meaning pro content vs baby pics etc) but I share way more via text and email. We share maybe 0.01% of what we could share publicly each day on the social nets. It is why your credit card company and internet provider knows way more about you than any social network does or any social monitoring service will know about you. And word of mouth kills businesses not social media.

    But this information is not good for VCs, the media industry, the marketing/pr industry because whole businesses have grown surrounding that 0.01% and to me that isn’t good for brands.