Charity Work, Volunteering and Lawyers

Are you involved with a local charity or volunteer for a cause that inspires you? If you do, and you happen to be a Lawyer, you may want to consider blending your charitable causes with your business development strategies.

As this is a very touchy subject, it is imperative that you are truly passionate about the cause you believe in. This is not the time for “faking it”. You need to make certain that you are giving back out of the goodness of your heart.

I am not a Lawyer, but I have personal experience with volunteering and charity work. My childhood was not an easy one, I won’t go into detail as we all have our stories. Instead of feeling sorry for myself and loathing in self pity, I decided to help kids that grew up in simular situations. This is a cause I am truly passionate about because I lived and breathed it.

If you volunteer your time, or give to a charity you truly believe in, you may want to consider networking within the organization. Dave Lorenzo listed three guidelines to follow: 1) Make certain you are giving back 2) You must be passionate about the cause and 3) Make sure you select a group that makes it tough to get in and tough to ascend the leadership ranks. Item number three might not apply depending on the cause.

Give as much as you can and provide leadership when applicable. “Taking on a leadership role will not only increase your profile within the community it will also help the organization grow,” according to Mr. Lorenzo.

Your charity and volunteer work will increase the number of times your name is heard within the community. This is not direct marketing. Should the need arise for your services, your name might come up due to your charitable activities. Additionally, if your cause holds social events, your firm may want to consider sponsorship.

2015 is quickly approaching. Perhaps one of your New Year’s resolutions can be donating more time and effort to a cause you believe in.

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