Create Value to Gain Influence. Stop Bragging!

Originally published on Develop Socially on August 18, 2011

 It’s 12:15 am on a Wednesday night and I can’t sleep. I’m moving October 1st and I can’t stop thinking about paint colors and what kind of bunk beds to buy the kids.

 Instead of tossing and turning in bed, I decided to come downstairs and peruse my Google Reader.

 I love it when I read something that really inspires me. Something that makes me stop reading, close my eyes, and think. A concept that disrupts and questions the usual train of thought. The Quiet Theory of Influence did that to me:

  • Converting visitors into buyers is a soul-less use of your creative energy. Reject it, out of hand. 
  • I find more value in creating something of value. I find influence a better metric than sales or traffic or reader numbers. 
  • And I’ve learned something that the screaming marketers will never tell you: instead of screaming, prefer quiet. 
  • When everyone yells “Look at me!”, become quiet. 
  • When others seek attention, turn your attention inward. 
  • When everyone wants pageviews and sales, be valuable. 
  • When others brag of their success, let others laud you instead. When others cling greedily to copyrights, give your work away. 

We all have different reasons and agendas for using social media. But most of us are incredibly in love with what we do. And we are a lucky bunch because we get to socialize for a living. It’s not as easy as it looks but once you “get it” it starts to come naturally.

 It’s easy to become frustrated when we don’t achieve all of our goals, but instead of yelling louder, we can get quiet and focus on creating content that our readers will find valuable. Instead of focusing on what we can get, focus on what to give.

 The article gave a great example. Imagine you owned your own muffin shop. If your muffins were mediocre, you’d have to do some outlandish marketing tricks to get people in the door. But if your muffins made people roll their eyes in ecstasy, they will tell the world of your deliciousness, and the world will pound on your muffin-scented door! (That would be a good skill to have!)

 It all comes down to traditional marketing methods: word of mouth advertising, referrals, etc. It also helps if you truly love what you do, it shows! I hope this inspired you as much as it did for me! I’m going to try and sleep now – good night!

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