Does Everyone in Your Firm Need Social Media Training?

law firm social media trainingI recently read an article by Mashable titled Does Everyone Need Social Media Training? This question is applicable to law firms as well and the answer is yes.  If your firm is deciding to implement a social media strategy for business development purposes, everyone needs to be on board, from the receptionists all the way to top level management.

Overall, each person within the firm needs to know about the firm’s social media policy.  Are they allowed to link to the firm Facebook page as their place of employment? Can they post pictures taken within the firm or at work functions? Can they include their firm’s name within their Twitter handle? What should he or she do if a client tries to “friend” them on Facebook? These are all things a comprehensive social media policy will cover.

Human Resources

The HR department should be well versed in social media as they most likely crafted the social media policy.  They will also need to know the locations of each social media account in case conflict arises.  The HR department will also need to include social media sections and notes in the firm’s orientation binder.

Business Development

This is obvious but the firm’s business development, PR and marketing department will need to know everything about about the firm’s social media strategy.  These are the people that will be training everyone else unless you decide to hire an outside digital marketing company.  It’s important for this group to stay on top of everything related to social media as rules and policies change on a regular basis.


These are the guys and gals on the front lines when it comes to developing business for your law firm. They need to know what’s expected of them, what’s allowed and what’s not allowed.  Depending on their level of social media expertise, they will require training on each platform.  Preferably, this training will be ongoing.  Lawyers who meet on a regular basis to discuss their wins and losses have a higher rate of success when using social media for marketing purposes.


Upper management should know everything about the firm’s social media activities.  It would also be a good idea to get them involved with social media too (if they are interested).  I love seeing managing partners using Twitter.  It’s not often you find them, but it does happen!  It’s also good they know in case they get asked about it at a social function or event.  You don’t want to leave them hanging should someone say they saw their firm on Facebook.
Overall, each department within your law firm should know the firm’s social media policy as statistically speaking, most of them will be using social media either professionally or personally.  Additionally, individual departments will require varied training as they will each interact online in various ways or will be required to train others.

One of the added benefits of having everyone involved in social media training is that you will have more buy-in.  Traditionally, people shy away from what they don’t understand.  Now there won’t be any excuse!

Are you interested in learning more about how to use social media within your firm? Please feel free to contact me anytime.

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