From The PR Lawyer – Add Social Media Communication to Your Social Media Policy

Gina Rubel conveys the importance of including a bit on social media messaging in your social media policy.  This is especially important when it comes to Facebook’s new messaging system where messages are stored indefinitely.  It’s important to note that social media messaging should never be used for client communication.  Gina explains it best here:
“For lawyers / law firms, it should state something to the effect that “Social Media is NOT a platform for attorneys to converse with clients, judges, witnesses, jurors, opposing counsel, or any others regarding business matters. All correspondence MUST be handled via e-mail or traditional mail in order to preserve its integrity, maintain a correspondence log, and protect attorney-client privilege.”

The policy should then go on to provide basic template language to empower attorneys and staff to respond to inquiries on social media platforms that should be handled via e-mail or otherwise. For example, the policy could say: “When you receive a message via social media that you would otherwise deem confidential, privileged, important to our business, important to a client matter, etc., use the following template language to respond: Thank you for reaching out to me here. In order to protect our correspondence, please send me your e-mail address and telephone number so I may reach out to you directly. In the alternative, please feel free to call me at {insert telephone number} or send me an e-mail at {insert e-mail address}.”

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  • Gina Furia Rubel

    Thank you, Samantha, for spreading the word. It is imperative that law firms get in the game with social media but before they do – policies are a must. – Gina Rubel, Furia Rubel Marketing and Public Relations (

  • Samantha Collier

    Thank you for your comments Gina. I love your blog. Can law firms come to you for social media policies?

  • Nancy

    Samantha, thanks for sharing this. It's great advice!