• Victoria

    Love this blog awesome advice!

  • Nils

    Yes, this was a very nice use of video, although she was a little out of frame.

    The advice is pretty good – but the main advice I would give people is number 1, 2 and 3 – don't take negative comments personally. I often do – and the times when I haven't counted to 10 and instead have blasted off my own diatribe against the transgressors are the times I have really regretted.

    So my advice is "chill out." Most of these people don't know you and are just blowing their own horn. If you feel you need to respond, don't do it right away, but let a few hours pass, during which your subconscious mind is likely to come up with some nice, reasoned response.

    Nils (AKA, Swami Bobby)

  • Andy Donovan

    I've often quoted similar advice from Gini during my conversations with clients when dealing with negative comments whether Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. If in the timeline and you feel it necessary – address to show that you are listening and addressing (as Southwest attempted to do with Kevin Smith) then take it off-line to see if you can't clarify with the commentator. I do concur with Nils as well in terms of taking some time to let cooler heads prevail…sometimes the fingers act quicker than the brain would prefer. Cheers, Andy

  • Mark C. Robins

    Given our recent experience on being attacked for creating a Canadian Legal Aggregate, it was difficult for us at Lawyerlocate.ca and dailyblawg.ca to resist commenting back to our detractors. Some were quite professional others were to say the least in the Troll category.
    Given that Social media is still new and fresh I am thinking that non traditional approaches need to be looked at when some one is putting negative comments out there about your blog, tweets, facebook etc!
    Not sure I have a real answer other than take it one case at a time and think before you type!