How To Implement a Law Firm Social Media Strategy – Part 2

law firm social media strategyOriginally posted in the American of Legal Administrators (ALA) Capital Chapter August 2012 Newsletter.  This is part two of a three part series. Click here to read part one.

Which Platforms?

Which social media platforms will you use in your law firm’s social strategy? This can seem large an enormous decision when first dipping your toe in the social media pool.

I like to look at comparable firms who are already using social media. What are they doing right (or wrong)? Where does your firm already have a presence?

In most cases, LinkedIn would be a great place to start. It’s been my experience that most attorneys have LinkedIn profiles. But, in  my experience, most of them aren’t as great as they could be. Set aside some time to view your law firm’s LinkedIn Company Page, and see how it stacks up to your competition. Check out all the available features, and see if you’re taking advantage of them. For example, did you know LinkedIn Company Pages have a “Service Spotlight” built in under the Services tab? You can add three custom designed slider images that can include clickable links to your website, blog, articles, etc. This is a free feature too (you can’t say that too often!).

My second choice is Twitter. There’s a big debate on the relevance of this popular micro-blogging platform, but I’m a diehard fan. I’ve seen lawyers get work through Twitter. Will you always get work? Can you put a timeline on it? No. But, it’s like planting seeds in a variety of places. You never know where the work will pop up. The scenario I’m familiar with is when a lawyer builds a targeted following on Twitter, shares relevant and interesting posts and interacts with his or her followers. When the need arise for the lawyer’s services, his or her followers remember this lawyer in particular and make contact. It’s important for the lawyer to be consistent and genuinely interested in his or her network for this strategy to work.


Which metrics will you use to measure your results?  Depending on your objectives, this should be an easy answer.

social media metrics




Learning how to use Google Alerts and Google Analytics effectively will require a time investment, but, I promise, it’s front loaded. After a couple months, you’ll wonder how you ever went without them! There are many online help resources for all platforms.

Stay tuned for part three of how to implement a law firm social media strategy which will focus on engagement.  

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