How To: Take an Online Conversation Offline

So you’ve joined Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and of course you blog daily. You have your strategy and you’ve followed it to a tee (most days). After a couple months of faithful tweeting you connect with a potential client. You banter back and forth, do the small talk thing, and now you think it’s time to take the online conversation offline. Here’s my advice.
Does this Person Want to Connect With You?
Before you ask your potential client out for lunch make sure that they are indeed interested in potentially working with you. How did you connect? Have you discussed your area of law? Is there a need for your services? Hopefully you’ve engaged in meaningful conversation and you both know each other fairly well and are ready to take the business relationship to the next level.
How to Turn the Online Conversation Offline.
First you should give away something of value. Do you have white papers, articles, etc. that he or she may be interested in? Perhaps you both have mutual interests, is there some sort of advice you can give that may be of some benefit? The trick here is that it needs to be authentic.
Afterwards, after a reasonable amount of time, ask him or her if they’d be available for a telephone call to follow up. Keep the relationship going. Send newsletters (unless they ask you not too), cards, etc. It’s also a good idea to have a presentation on your services available that you can offer to share at their office.
Refer qualified clients to your contact. This goes without saying.
The above steps should help in turning an online conversation offline. The trick is to be authentic, provide valuable information of interest and timing. What about you? Do you have any tips?

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