How To Use Social Media Prior to Your Next Conference

The majority of my day was spent planning the partner meetings during the upcoming APAA conference in Korea. More often than not, these events have little or no social media buzz prior to the conference and I’m making it my duty to change that! Check out my tips below:

  • Look at the conference website and find out if there’s a page for pre-conference discussion. You may have to create a short bio so please ensure it’s complete and include your contact information. Introduce yourself to the group and join the conversation. Most committees will have their own discussion pages.

  • Find the Twitter Hashtag and network with fellow tweeters prior to the conference. If you can’t find it check with the organizers and if you still don’t have any luck, create your own! I did this for a conference in September (#APLF) and met a couple friends prior to the event. Larger events such as INTA will create much bigger conversations. Find out if there’s a Tweetup too!

  • Do a quick search on LinkedIn and see if the conference has an Event Listing. RSVP and pass on the invite to others you think may be interested. Check out the Attending List and see if you know anyone. Leave some comments and do your research on who’s attending.

How about you? Do you use social media to network prior to events? How’s it working for you?

Photo Cred: LucyLui

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  • Nils

    You are so Right On with this post Samantha. I am always amazed by the huge number of lawyers who attend various conferences at great cost and don't do a thing to prepare for the conference (as you have suggested); and then attend the thing and just sort of float around in a fog. Hello – you are going to these things to support a business purpose. Wake up! Do some networking before you go. Create some kind of a mimi-event, even if it's just a dinner or a get together at a bar. Prepare some kind of special eproduct to send people. I don't know – be creative!