Lawyers – How Many Clients Do You Get Per Month from Social Media?

Here’s a question for everyone that pays someone to do their social media marketing – how many clients do you get per month from social media? I’m assuming most of you know this data but I just want to triple-check. 

Everyone knows my views on social media for law firms. If you aren’t making money from it, don’t waste your time. On the flip side, don’t expect new clients for at least 3 – 6 months. Sadly, some social media gurus promise “x” number of clients per month – don’t listen! Run away… quickly! Or ask them for references, that’s always fun.

How Do You Define Social Media Success?

Although I’m an introvert at heart, I attend various social media conferences throughout the year. I love asking my fellow “mavens” how they define social media success? Some will say it’s all about brand consistency, community engagement and influencer outreach. If you aren’t well versed in social media lingo, this can all sound great… but it’s not.

Social media professionals work with their clients to define objectives, timelines and objectives prior to sending that first tweet. One of my favourite Vancouver advertising companies spends a week in their new client’s office before getting started. They want to know their culture and what makes them unique.

Tracking “Source of Work” is Vital

Most new clients will say a friend referred them or they researched the firm’s website. This isn’t enough.

You need to find out if they looked at the firm’s Facebook Page, Twitter and/or LinkedIn Page. On average, it takes someone seven “touches” before they hire someone – reading a print article, seeing a Facebook Status update, hearing someone on the radio, etc. All of these activities build trust between attorney and client. This info must be relayed to the social media team for obvious reasons.

Let’s Cut The BS and Talk About What Works

I created a new LinkedIn group called, “How Lawyers Use Social Media to Get New Work”, to discuss successful strategies, potential work-flow situations and anything else related to business development for law firms. The part I’m most excited about is compiling a database of successful workflow strategies where lawyers actually got work through social media. We can analyze that info and see if there are any consistent patterns. Each lawyer will need to decide if the workflow is applicable to their practice area, and make it “their own” based on their personality.

IMPORTANT INFO: The group is only open to practicing lawyers and I will not be soliciting work. I used to manage a LinkedIn Group with 5000+ members, and lawyers didn’t engage with fellow members because marketers would pounce on them. Although I know lovely marketers, it’s easier to keep it locked down for now.

How To Join The LinkedIn Group

If you’d like to become a member, click here or visiting and I’ll approve your membership within one business day. I look forward to meeting you on LinkedIn and hope to see you soon! Please feel free to invite fellow attorney friends. Should you have issues email me at

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