My Favorite Social Media Tools for Law Firms

social media tools for law firmsThere are a number of social media tools I use on a regular basis (and couldn’t live without).  Because time is money, and most attorneys would rather be billing hours instead of posting, sharing and liking, I’m sharing my favorite social media tools to be more efficient with your time online.

Get Clicky

Get Clicky is a great platform to use along with Google Analytics. In a nutshell, Get Clicky is a simple analytics program that is extremely user friendly and easy to use.   Features include:

  • The ability to see how many visitors are on your site at any given time using a neat “Spy” feature
  • Get Clicky tracks IP Addresses which means you can actually see the names of some businesses that are vewing your site.  In most cases, you can see the names of other law firms or big companies.  Depending on your target audience, this can be incredibly useful.
  • You can easily see your most popular content which is a great way to know what to write more of.
  • Check out which sites are linking to your website and/or blog. This is a great way to see who’s talking about you and what they’re saying.  Everyone knows SEO is largely affected by trusted sites linking to you so this is a great way to find that out.

Google RSS Reader

If you are an avid tweeter or blogger, you need to use Google Reader. Instead of visiting numerous blogs and websites to get the latest news, you visit one site.  It’s sort of like sitting at home and getting all your subscriptions at your door instead of running around the neighborhood.  I subscribe to over 300 blogs and news sources and it’s the first thing I look at in the morning.  It’s free to use and I promise you won’t be disappointed   You can also adjust the settings so that you can tweet, post and share articles directly from Google Reader so that you save time.


If you use social media, you definitely need to check out Hootsuite.  This social media tool will save you lots of time and make your social endeavors much more efficient. Hootsuite is a social media management system that allows you to manage multiple profiles in one place. Supported accounts include: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.  79 out of Fortune Top 100 companies use Hootsuite – you know it must be good! Features include:

  • Social analytics so you can track your social media efforts. You can also sync your Google Analytics to your Hootsuite account.
  • Hootsuite teams which is great if there is more than one person managing your firm’s social media efforts.
  • RSS Feeds so that you can auto-post your firm’s blog to your various accounts.
  • Search streams to narrow in on various keywords and search terms that you want to keep track of online.
  • The ability to schedule tweets for when you’re away from your computer.

I know time is a big issue when it comes to getting involved with social media. The above tools will definitely improve your efficiency online.  I use Hootsuite, Get Clicky and my Google Reader every day and I’m sure you will too.  Don’t forget, it takes time to learn hose to use these social media tools effectively but it’s mostly front-loaded.  After a couple weeks, it will be simple – I promise!


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