Reputation Management for Law Firms and Lawyers

An article I read today called “Reputation is all: Could the Internet kill your company?” from the BBC really got me thinking. Rebecca Posoli-Cilli, who sells multi-million dollar jets (sign me up please), was involved in litigation prior to starting her new company. Of course the case was online and it showed up on the first page of Google when searching her name.
The article quotes on to quote her “All you saw was this docket, that I’d been sued. But it didn’t tell the whole story, it comes up as a black mark, but it didn’t talk about the settlement.”
Prospective clients were not impressed. One client stopped doing business with her. This example is a prime example why law firms and lawyers must be involved in social media. I could write two blogs from the article: #1 how to monitor your online presence and #2 how to handle the situation above. I’m going to focus on #2 for now.
Rebecca employed a company to help bury the bad press online. She hired an outside firm called to help her set up her social media profiles and flood the Internet with positive information. These search results showed up instead of the prior case. It’s that simple.  Legal professionals can do this themselves as well. It’s all dependent on how much time they want to spend and what resources are available to them.  
The take away from this article is it’s important to monitor your online presence and respond to negative information. “Negative” can mean a multitude of things. It’s important to respond to negative comments as long as they have some merit. Coming up with a content strategy to downplay negative press is also a good idea.

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