Share Personal Stories via Social Media to Connect With People

This blog post was inspired by my dear friend (and lawyer) Brian Cuban. He is sharing his personal experiences with addiction and body dysmorphic disorder via social media.  This video brought me to tears because I connected with his story.

How much of your personal life are you willing to share? You’re not alone if you have hesitations.

It’s been my experience that most lawyers want to be seen as a trusted source of information relating to their practice area via social media. They worry the online crowd will accuse them of being ambulance chasers if they over-promote. On the flip-side, they worry social media is a waste of time (and money) if they aren’t sharing their wins, blog posts, etc.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for what lawyers should share online. It should be a mix of personal stories, news relating to your practice area, how-to posts, seasonal posts, pictures from the office and charity events, etc.

How much you share is up to you. When I first started out in this industry year ago, my social posts were very “vanilla” aka “boring”. I only posted about legal marketing, social media updates, etc. Yes, I did grow a following, but I wasn’t connecting on a deeper level. When I started talking about my personal stories and struggles, I wasn’t shunned by the social crowd. People reached out to me and shared their personal stories. We built REAL relationships. No, I won’t get tons of direct referrals from sharing my life story, but I know my online friends would give my name if asked about legal marketing.

#ProTip: Write blog posts and status updates about stuff most lawyers don’t want to answer: costs, the downside of going to court, etc. These are things people research via Google.

Think about what you share and “Like” on Facebook. Do more of that. 

Read more about Brian on his website and learn more about his latest book, The Addicted Lawyer, here.

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