15 Twitter Pro Tips Lawyers Use to Make Their Life Easier

Twitter tips for lawyersIt’s been a long time since I posted on Social Media for Law Firms. I started a new marketing and social media gig over at R.JOHNSON Legal Recruiting which I absolutely love! It’s been an amazing experience so far. That being said, I’ve made a commitment to write at least once per week, so here it goes! I’m kicking it off with 15 Twitter tips Lawyers use to make their life easier:

1. Twitter pro’s don’t sell on Twitter, they share. Don’t promote your services on Twitter, engage with your followers in a personal way. Ask them how they’re doing and how you can help.

2. Try to use proper grammar and punctuation as much as possible. I know it’s tough to say everything you want in 140 characters but try and use well-known abbreviations instead of creating your own. 

3. Commit to using Twitter at least one per day, five days per week. Yes, you can take the weekends off but you should honestly be tweeting a few times per day Monday to Friday.

4. Research the people you’d like to talk to before engaging with them. It only takes a minute to read Twitter bio’s, click links and find out a little bit more about your target client. Engage with them by talking about something you’re both interested in.

5. Determine your Twitter goal. Do you want to find more clients? Are you using it to share content? Perhaps you’re monitoring your competition? Figure out why you’re using it and you’re likely to get more out of it.

6. Decide if you’re going to use a branded or personal profile on Twitter. My preference is to always use a personal profile, but some firms prefer to use a branded Twitter account. I strongly believe that people like talking to other people, not logo’s.

7. Build your Twitter reputation by becoming a trusted source of information relevant to your practice area. You’ll become known as an expert in your field and if the need arises for your services, guess who they’ll think of?

8. Track your metrics using Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Sprout Social and/or Google Analytics. I prefer using Sprout Social but it does cost $100 per month. Software systems such as these can tell you which tweets were clicked the most which can give you insight about what to write about in the future.

9. Don’t get too structured with your approach. Social media is social for a reason – too much formality or structure can turn people off.

10. Always use the 80/20 rule. This means you should only promote yourself and your services 20% of the time while chatting and engaging with other people 80% of the time.

11. BE AUTHENTIC. Did I catch your attention there? Good! You need to be a “real person” when using social media and you need to establish trust with your community.

12. Use Twitter’s Find Friends feature to import your contacts. You can search Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL. You can also search for people by their full name and via email.

13. Consider holding a Tweetup to meet the people you Tweet with. Nils Montan, Rob Holmes and I held a Tweetup in San Francisco at the INTA conference and it was a huge hit! It was an informal reception which was a nice change from all the formal conference receptions. It’s best to hold these at pubs and/or “not fancy” places.

14. Create a custom Twitter background. This is an easy way to extend your firm’s branding and add some artistic creativity to your profile. I know some people like to add their contact information to their Twitter background but I shy away from this because information can be cut off depending on their computer screen size.

15. Get involved with #FollowFriday when relevant. Follow Friday is a fun way to showcase people you’re following each Friday. Type in #FF to Twitter’s search field to find out more!

Do you have any Twitter Pro Tips to share? Please add them in the comments below.


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