20 Awesome Facts About Twitter – 2012 Edition

20 awesome facts about TwitterOne of my favorite people in the world (and no, he didn’t pay me to say that) Danny Brown recently wrote a post called 52 Cool Facts About Social Media and it inspired me to write something similar about one of my favorite social media platforms, Twitter.

I like to collect infographics and statistics on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Internet marketing.  Recently, there’s been a lot of interesting news relating to Twitter and I wanted to share these with you.  Maybe you can use them to convince your marketing department it’s time to jump on the social media for law firms bus? Or maybe you’ll join yourself? Either way, I hope you enjoy them and feel free to add your own in the comments below! Without further ado:

20 Awesome Facts About Twitter – 2012 Edition

  1. There are 100 million active Twitter users
  2. 50% of these 100 million users log in every day
  3. 40% of Twitter users don’t actual tweet – instead, they read news, click links and follow accounts
  4. 15% of adult internet users use Twitter in February 2012
  5. Twitter has half a billion registered profiles – 100 million are from the US
  6. The top three countries that use Twitter are the United States, Brazil and Japan
  7. Twitter gets 300,000 new visitors every day
  8. 11 Twitter accounts are created every second
  9. 1 million accounts are being added to Twitter every day
  10. On a busy day, Twitter sees about 175 million tweets
  11. 750 tweets are shared on Twitter per second
  12. If Twitter were a country it would be the 12th largest in the world
  13. 30% of Twitter users have an income greater than $100,000
  14. Twitter handles more search queries per month than Yahoo and Bing combined (24 billion versus 4.1 billion and 9.4 billion respectively)
  15. The original Twitter was launched on CEO Evan William’s birthday
  16. The busiest Twitter moment in history was the “Castle in the Sky” TV screening with over 25,088 tweets per second
  17. Lady Gaga is the most popular Twitter user with 19,341,413 followers
  18. Interesting content makes up 92% of Retweets on Twitter
  19. 64% of users access Twitter through Twitter.com (web). 16% access it through a mobile app and 10% access it through a Twitter client like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck
  20. 69% of Twitter users decide who to follow via suggestions by friends, 47% by searching online, 44% by Twitter’s suggested followers and 31% by promotion


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