3 Changes You Need to Know about the Tweets App on LinkedIn

LinkedIn tweets app

There has been a lot of moans and groans about the upcoming changes to the Tweets App on LinkedIn.  Don’t worry, this isn’t Facebook we’re talking out. I’ve distilled it down to three key points you need to know:

1.  The change is taking place January 31, 2012.
2.  You can still link your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.  LinkedIn is not eliminating the ability to send updates between your Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.  From the settings tab in your LinkedIn profile, you can still choose to send all of your tweets or only those with the #in hashtag to your LinkedIn status updates.*  Here’s how you can link your accounts if you haven’t already. You should definitely consider linking your accounts to get the best bang for your buck on your social media efforts.
3.  Your tweets will still appear on your home page newsfeed for your connections to see but you won’t be able to follow your LinkedIn connections from the application settings page.  The standalone Tweets application on LinkedIn will not be supported after January 31, 2012.
You can direct any further questions to LinkedIn’s Help Center or you can ask me directly at samanthataracollier@gmail.com.
*Please note it is extremely aggravating to someone’s direct twitter stream in a LinkedIn newsfeed.  Be extremely cautious about how you set this up.  You work hard for your LinkedIn connections – you don’t want them to delete you. I prefer to use the #in hashtag method. -just my 2 cents! 

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