What Does Big Law think about Social Media?

Only five AmLaw 100 managing partners use social media according to a recent Bloomberg article authored by Eduardo C. Leite, Global Chairman of Baker & Mckenzie (he is one of the five). His insight includes:

Social media allows us to engage and connect with our clients and our people in real time, and on a personal basis. It helps us to see the world through their eyes and gain more insights on how we can add more value for them, to their business and their experience of our Firm and our people.

Baker & McKenzie is ranked as one of the world’s top law firms in terms of revenue, markets and international lawyer count. As of 2015, the firm earned US$2.54 billion in revenue, employed 11,500 people including 4,200 Lawyers in 77 offices, which are located in 47 countries.

The Baker & McKenzie Global Communications team encouraged Mr. Leite to start blogging and tweeting. With the impressive numbers described above, he was happy to see colleagues from across the globe connecting through social media. This worldwide network wouldn’t be possible without it.

I believe the blog has helped strengthen our Firm’s culture of friendship and provided opportunities for everyone to share in the excitement and gain a sense of ownership of the achievements of the Firm.

Some law firms are concerned their potential clients won’t interact with them online. They aren’t convinced Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn will work for them. Perhaps Mr. Leite’s comments will calm those firms.

Clients expect to be supported by firms that know them well, who understand their industries, products, cultures and technologies … firms that can keep up with them. They also want their law firms to be as innovative, efficient and forward-looking as they are. Among many things this means embracing today’s technologies and keeping abreast of the latest digital trends in communications and marketing, including social media and blogging.

All Lawyers should be encouraged by this article. From solo to big law, social media is an integral part of legal marketing. Remember when having a website was the next big thing and some people thought it was a passing fad? Social media is the same. It’s not hard to learn either.

Take a look at Baker & McKenzie’s social media accounts:

Even though you aren’t the managing partner of a gigantic law firm, this article should encourage you to get started.

Join my private Facebook Social Media for Law Firms group if you have questions. I’ll answer them within 24 hours. There won’t be social media specialists peddling their services either.

See you there!


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