Five Ways to Promote Your Twitter Account

lawyer twitter account

Every Monday is tip day. This Monday is five ways to promote your Twitter account. I was asked this question by Jeffrey Schlossberg, a New York attorney who was the first in his firm to open a Twitter account – good for him! He asked:

I am just getting started on Twitter. Can you suggest methods for how I get my Twitter information out there? I already put a link in my email signature and will be adding it to my monthly newsletter.

He’s off to a great start by adding his Twitter account to his signature line as well as promoting it in a monthly newsletter.  Where else can he promote his newly minted Twitter account? Here’s some of the ideas I suggested:

  • Add your Twitter info to your business card
  • Integrate your Twitter info with your LinkedIn Profile (learn how to post tweets on to your LinkedIn profile by using the #IN hashtag)
  • Sync your Twitter account with your LinkedIn profile and start following all of those contacts who use Twitter
  • Do you have a Facebook page? If so, add a Twitter tab.
  • Do you blog? If so, add a Twitter widget.
  • Add your Twitter account to your online web bio (if your firm allows).
  • Join some LinkedIn groups for attorneys who use Twitter and share your account info

It’s imperative you share your Twitter info in as many places as possible.  The fact is, it takes dedication and perseverance to stick with it – why not make it as successful as possible?

What are some of the strategies you used to promote your Twitter account? How has it worked for you?

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