How Much Traffic is Twitter Sending to Your Blog/Website?

Do you know how much traffic Twitter is sending to your blog and/or website? It’s imperative you track your “referring URL” traffic in Google Analytics to see what marketing efforts are driving traffic to your site. Does the majority of your traffic come from Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Or maybe somebody mentioned you in a blog post. Wouldn’t it be nice to head over and say thank you? But I digress, I’ll get back to the subject of the post.

I read on Larry Bodine’s blog yesterday that Twitter is releasing a new web analytics tool that will allow website owners to see how much traffic is generated to their site from Twitter.

Why use Twitter Web Analytics instead of Google Analytics?

  • You can measure the effectiveness of your Tweet Button
  • Better understand how much of your website content is being shared across Twitter
  • Simple dashboard with easy-to-understand features.  Google Analytics can get a little complicated. 
Twitter Dashboard:
Google Analytics:
Twitter Analytics is currently in beta testing mode and a lucky group of partners will gain access this week.  Twitter will roll it out to us common folk in the next couple of weeks.
Do you know which sites drive the most traffic to your site? If not, you better get started!  It’s also a good idea to bookmark all of your “mentions” across the web to get an idea of where you stand online.  Are the right people talking about you? And more importantly, what are they saying?

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