In Response To: Twitter is a Failure for Law Firm Marketing

I recently read an article titled “Blogger Tracy Coenen: Twitter is a Failure for Law Firm Marketing” on the Larry Bodine Law Marketing Blog.

Tracy is calling it quits on Twitter after 2.5 years, 2,154 followers and 2,917 tweets. Her last tweet on May 17 says “I am saying good-bye to Twitter. It has been the single biggest waste of my time over the last 2.5 years. Don’t believe the hype.”
Tracy is a solo practitioner in a niche practice. She has an extremely successful website and ranks third in traffic for forensic accounting firms. 30% of her work comes in via Google and another 30% comes in by writing articles in professional publications. She started using Twitter in 2008 as a way to extend her blogging success. She thought Twitter would drive traffic to her website, get her quoted more often in online and print publications and put her in front of potential clients. Tracy says she was wrong on all accounts.
Her post is a good read and I suggest you head on over to her site to read it.
Personally, I’ve had different results using Twitter for the firm I work for. We’ve made numerous connections online that have resulted in work.
The difference here is that I’m the main person in our firm that uses social media for legal marketing, and I’m not an attorney, I’m a business development coordinator. Members of our firm tweet but we also have a firm wide Twitter account. We’ve received incoming questions via each type of account that have led to work. 
It does take time to answer each incoming lead but it reminds me of incoming cold calls you might receive at your firm. Perhaps one out of ten leads to work.  I also create search columns in Tweetdeck for various key words that automate the process. This saves a lot of time as well.
It also depends on the type of practice you have. I’m a firm believer intellectual property is a perfect fit for social media due to its world wide nature. We work with corporations and individuals all over the world we might not meet in person.
But I also believe law firms with a local client base would have success with Twitter depending on the way they chose to use it.
I’m very interested in your thoughts. Do you think Twitter is useful for lawyers? If you use it, have you had success or failure? Will you continue to use it? Please comment below.

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