Lawyers – Do You Answer Twitter Questions? If Not, You Should!

Do you Answer Twitter Questions?

One of the best ways lawyers and law firms can use Twitter to obtain new work is by answering Twitter questions people ask relating to their respective practice areas.

It’s as easy as setting up key word searches via software such as Hootsuite and/or Tweetdeck. One of my tricks is to include the word “question” in your search. For example, you could set up a search for “question” and “divorce” if you work in family law. That way anytime someone sends out a tweet asking for divorce advice you’ll be notified (as long as thy include those key words).

The downside of this is you will have to filter out a lot of junk. I compare it to cold calls. Very few will lead to work. But I strongly suggest you do it anyways. I’ve seen it work. If you have an assistant or secretary perhaps they can monitor the searches.

My inspiration for this post came from a recent article I read on Mashable on Twitter questions.  They shared an infographic by inboxQ based on a Twitter poll of 1,825 Twitter users.

Here is the evidence in favor of using Twitter for answering questions:

  • Roughly 66% of questions asked on Twitter have some commercial intent
  • Three million questions are asked on Twitter each month
  • 20 – 30% of asked questions don’t get answered
  • 80% of respondents trust answers from businesses as much or more as answers from their followers.
  • Most people would like to receive answers directly from businesses if the quality is as good or better than answers from their followers.
  • When a business responds to someone’s Twitter question, that person is likely to follow the business and more likely to make a purchase.

Have you actually landed a client from Twitter? Or has it been a big waste of time so far? I’ve been having this discussion a lot recently.  Please use the comments below.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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