Lawyers & Law Firms: Do Not Auto Respond on Twitter

“I auto-unfollow those that auto-respond to me on Twitter”

One of my biggest pet peeves on Twitter is auto responded messages.  These messages usually include non specific information with links to Facebook pages, web pages, etc. Auto responses can come across as efficient but if I really want your web address I’ll grab it on your profile page when I follow you.

Please do not use this feature if you decide to create a Twitter account. Auto responding is annoying and may give off the wrong impression.  People have followed you to get to know you, not a robot.

Most legal twitter accounts don’t amass large followings right away either.  Take the time to write a personal message and include your follower’s name.  It’s also a good idea to ask if there’s anything you can do to help.

The inspiration for this article came from one of my favorite blogs, Social Media Today. The title of the post is “I’d Rather Hear Nothing Than Get Auto-Response“.  (They have great titles by the way)  I agree with their advice.

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