Should You Be Concerned About Twitter’s New iOS “Dislike” Feature?

According to Social Times, iOS Twitter users can now tell Twitter they don’t like your tweet. Like Facebook, I expect Twitter to use this information to optimize your online experience with them. Like Facebook, Twitter wants you to spend as much time as possible within their website. Personally, I don’t hang out in “Twitter” for very long. On a side note, I am spending a lot more time in Instagram now, they’ve done a good job with their “stickiness”. Here’s what Twitter has to say about their new “dislike” feature:

When you mark a Tweet as “I don’t like this tweet,” it helps Twitter better understand the types of tweets that you’d like to see less of in your Home timeline. We may use this information to optimize and tailor your experience in the future. You can access this option from the (down arrow) icon in a tweet (iOS).

What Does This Update Mean For Lawyers?

With this update, iOS users can now easily unfollow you on Twitter. Twitter users who aren’t spamming their followers don’t need to worry about this update.

Facebook went through this same update a few years ago.  Advertisers got scared, but nothing crazy happened. The annoying, self-promoting, marketers that talk about how amazing they are all day became quieter.

Here’s some tips for not getting unfollowed on Twitter:

  • Don’t promote yourself too often on Twitter. Some people follow the 80/20 rule, I follow the 95/5 rule. You can look at my tweets here.
  • Don’t post too often. There is a lot of talk about what the “ideal number of tweets per day is”. Here’s the secret: there is no magic number. How much interesting content do you have to share? Your audience will enjoy your content if it’s new, unique, and opinionated. I’ve never followed a “number system” for Twitter, it just comes naturally. I wouldn’t schedule more than five a day. Twitter works best if you’re in their platform (or in a 3rd party platform such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, etc.) interacting with other users and content.
  • Practice social reciprocity. If someone tweets your article, take a look at their profile and see if you can return the favour. If not, think up another way to “thank” them. You can leave a comment on their blog, a comment on one of their Facebook Page updates, “heart” one of their Instagram photos, you get the picture. This little act of “paying it back” is priceless. I notice it when someone “pays me back” and it rarely happens – maybe once per month? You’ll also build a broader network this way.


Most tweeting lawyers don’t need to worry about this update. Because Twitter has made it easier for iOS users to unfollow accounts, Twitter users should be careful not to appear “spammy”. All in all, I don’t think it’s a big deal.

What do you think? Are you concerned with this update?

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