The Perfect Lawyer Twitter Account

A recent FindLaw study found that 54% of consumers say they would be likely to hire a lawyer who is active on social media. According to MyCase, only 23% of lawyers use Twitter for professional purposes. In other words, start tweeting today and you’ll be ahead of the competition.

Did you know 90% of lawyer social media accounts have inaccurate contact information? You can get ahead of the game by correctly filling out your email address, phone number, office address, skype ID, etc.  And this isn’t an insult to lawyers, it’s the same percentage for most professional service industries. Social media platforms are notorious change addicts. These changes might include requiring more,less and/or different contact info to create an account. You can subscribe to my blog or follow me on Twitter to stay on top of these changes.


I’m speaking at the upcoming Clio Cloud Conference in Chicago on September 20, 2016. I’m creating a series of how-to white papers along with my presentation including how to have the perfect lawyer Twitter account. I’m posting it here (on my blog) as well. DISCLAIMER: This guide is current as of September 11, 2016. Please tweet me at @samtaracollier for updated info.

What You’ll Need: 

  • 400 x 400 pixel profile photo. Please note this image will be displayed at 200 x 200 pixels.
  • 1500 x 500 cover photo. Maximum file size of 10MB and it needs to be a JPG, GIF or PNG file.
  • Check to see if your firm has a social media policy and bring up any concerns/questions with HR before creating your account.

Time Estimate: 20 – 40 minutes depending on your skill/typing level.

Create The Perfect Lawyer Twitter Account

Sign Up

Create your Twitter account by clicking here. You’ll be asked for your email address (choose your personal one as you’ll always have access to it), name, phone number, interests, etc. You’ll also have to choose your username. Your first choice should be your first and last name like this, “samanthacollier”. If that’s taken, throw in an initial. If that’s taken, try “scollier”. If that’s taken, tweet me and we can brainstorm.

Profile Picture

Upload your profile picture. Choose the same one that’s on your firm’s website and/or social media profiles. This makes you easy to recognize and it’s good for branding.

Mitch Jackson is a California Personal Injury Litigation Lawyer and even though he’d hate me saying it, he’s the most well-known lawyer on social media (you’re welcome Mitch! It’s the truth!). The below image is a screenshot of his Twitter account, and he’s a great example for everything lawyer social media related.

lawyer twitter template


Now it’s time to shorten your bio to 160 characters or less. This can be challenging but I’m here to help. The best lawyer Twitter bios contain three things: job title, humour/non-business item, and a reason for people to follow you.  Here’s some examples:

Mitch Jackson: 2013 California Litigation Lawyer of the Year | Trial Lawyer | Entrepreneur | StopDD.Today | Streaming.Lawyer | #StopDD

Terry Coughlan: American Irishman, father, sober, believer, forgetter, hoper, coffee drinker #U2 #WhiteSox #Bears #Blackhawks #ND All tweets are my own. sobriety 6/26/89

Will Polk: Legal counsel to @NCEmergency Management, Juv. Justice and ethics at NC Dept. of Public Safety. RT/follows and tweets are my own and not speaking for NCDPS.

Robert A. Centa: Managing Partner at Paliare Roland litigating public law and business disputes. Tweeting about law (but never legal advice), jazz, food, and my Raptors. (My personal favourite)


Next, you’ll have to decide which link to put in your profile. It’s my personal opinion that your top choice should be your blog if you have one. If you don’t have a blog, feel free to use your website bio and/or social media profiles. Please don’t leave it blank because it discredits your profile.

Website Hyperlink Colour

Next, customize the colour of your profile’s website hyperlinks. Twitter requires HTML colour codes which you can find here. Check with your firm if you want to use brand colours – they’ll have the exact codes. Don’t choose light colours as they’re hard to see.

Cover Photo

Remember, first impressions count. People have shorter attention spans than goldfish so your cover photo needs to be memorable. Use Canva to create your Twitter cover photo. Canva is free to use and it includes Twitter cover photo “templates” so you’ll always have the right size. You can also check with your firm to see if they have branded Twitter cover photos. Your cover photo should be professional, simple and memorable. You shouldn’t change your cover photo often as it’s poor for branding so put some thought into it. Look up other lawyers in your practice area on Twitter for ideas. I searched “lawyer” on Twitter and the below screenshot were the first profiles that popped up.


lawyer twitter cover photo


This is a great time to start using Twitter for business development. 54% of consumers trust social media accounts such as Twitter to hire professional service providers such as lawyers, yet only 23% of lawyers use Twitter for marketing. Follow the steps and tips in this blog post to stand out from the crowd. 90% of lawyer social media profiles contain inaccurate contact information, please be part of the 10%! Remember to update your info if you change firms or go solo.

Have any tips to share? Leave them in the comments!

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