’s Kick-Ass Upgrade

Breaking News! Put down your coffee and brace yourself… is undergoing a kick-ass upgrade! Behemoth social media platforms aren’t completely refreshed often (hence the kick-ass title).

According to Twitter, hundreds of millions of people visit their site every month. Over 3 billion tweets have been sent since Twitter’s birth and 0.01% of these (32 million) were sent during the 2014 World Cup Final.

Get ready to be ostracized if you don’t have a Twitter account. One fifth of all Internet users will have a Twitter handle by the end of 2015. Even if you’re not a Tweeter yet, log in and reserve your name. 

Twitter’s Kick-Ass 2015 Upgrade

  • According to, non-members will find “interesting topics to explore like Politics, Pop Artists and even Cute Animals (YAY)” when they visit the site.
  • A Twitter membership is not required to view popular tweets on various subjects.
  • Twitter’s blog states that non-user experiences will be just as exciting (yahoo!) as actual Twitter users. This isn’t exactly true as Twitter says, “Click on a topic and you’ll see a timeline of Tweets from some of the most popular topics…”. This lingo means non-members won’t see normal tweets, just the VIPs.
  • As per the norm, Twitter’s upgraded homepage will only be available to US members at first. It will roll out across the globe over a few weeks/months.
  • Twitter’s blog promises additional homepage upgrades are in the works.

Overall, this isn’t the breaking Twitter news I was hoping for. I miss the moans and groans related to Facebook changes! Hint, hint Mark.

What Twitter’s Kick-Ass Upgrade Really Means

Twitter’s upgrading their homepage to increase membership.

In other words, Twitter is giving non-users Twitter-crack morsels with high hopes they’ll transition into heavy-Twitter-users. Nothing comes for free my dears!

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