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We all know social media is more addictive than chocolate covered crack but did you know Twitter will overtake Facebook in terms of growth over the next couple of years according a report from eMarketer? Both social networks are expected to slow down but Twitter is expected to come out ahead in 2011-2014.

 When you get down to the nitty gritty, Twitter grew its user base 31.9% while Facebook users grew by 13.4%. Interestingly, this is exactly the opposite of what happened in 2010 when Facebook grew at 38.6% and Twitter stood at 23.5%.  What does this all mean? For the first time in history, Twitter overtook Facebook in user growth.Way to go!

Also, did you know JP Morgan’s Digital Growth Company is looking for a 10% stake of Twitter at $450 million which puts Twitters worth to about $4.5 billion.
The powers that be are saying Facebook doesn’t have any room to grow.  They are expected to reel in their 1 billionth  member this summer.  Twitter is only expected to reach 37.6 million (monthly users) by the end of 2014. All this talk about millions and billions is starting to depress me. 
We all know Facebook will continue to dominate social media in relation to active monthly users as these statistics only relate to growth. With almost half of the U.S. population alone on Facebook (152 million), it’s practically embedded in our DNA.
Take note, these numbers are specific to the United States. Facebook is expected to rapidly grow in Brazil, India and across the globe at a rate much quicker than Twitter.
What does this mean to you?
Keep tweeting with your tweeps in the twittersphere. Consider joining if you haven’t already. Feel free to follow me at @samtaracollier if you decide to jump in!

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