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First came the yellow pages and physical directories. Next, law firm websites, online directories and social media dominated legal marketing.  

A recent article by Robert Ambrogi describes an innovative website, Legalist created by two Harvard students that will “rate lawyers based on publicly available court records. 

Site developer Christian Haigh came up with the Legalist idea after he needed to hire a lawyer and found it difficult to evaluate a lawyer’s effectiveness. Having a background in data science will help Christian create the product while Eva Shang will lead marketing.

A client in need of legal counsel will visit the Legalist website and contact lawyers directly through the platform. The Legalist website states their ratings are based on 2 billion court cases and that all data is verified and “lawyers aren’t able to alter their ratings or game the system.” People seeking lawyers will never pay for this service.

Legalist has a profile on Angelist and they explain the system a bit more:

Legalist is a legal analytics platform that tells you how good any lawyer is. We show you the win-loss record and expertise of any lawyer in the country.

Clients can find, browse, and book any trial attorney in the country. Lawyers subscribe to Legalist to claim their profiles and to prove their commitment to a winning record. With rating process that is transparent and intuitive, Legalist is the platform for to find the lawyer who will win your case. 

What Lawyers Need To Do About Legalist

They state that lawyers will subscribe to Legalist to CLAIM their profile and prove their commitment… In other words, your name will appear on this website with or without your approval. If I was a lawyer, I’d check the site out to see if my name was on there. If I didn’t find it, I wouldn’t make a profile; however, if I did find a listing, I’d diligently go over it and make sure everything was correct and monitor it regularly. 

I worked with a friend who created directories of hotels. She’d search for hotels on the Internet and input thousands of them into a website. After she was done, she’d contact each hotel and tell them they had a profile. They didn’t have to pay for it but if they wanted to have control over it, they had to pay $25 per month. The hotels were going to be on a hotel rating site. This isn’t the same situation but it brought back the memory.

The Legalist Process


Step One: Docket data is collected from trial courts.

Step Two: The data is then cleaned and analyzed so that it can be transformed into easy-to-read statistics. Legalist will then use machine learning algorithms to mine the data for novel insights on how a lawyer compares.

Step Three: Each lawyer will receive an automatically generated profile with the information a potential client would use to make a decision, including win-loss statistics.

Step Four: The data will be continually updated and analyzed in order to be up-to-date.

Legalist Concerns

Below Robert’s blog post, a commenter mentioned, “100% agree that win/loss record is not a good indicator of skill. The best lawyers may prevent you from going to trial, or even having a lawsuit filed against you in the first place.”

Robert listed two concerns on his blog post – check them out here.

I’m always cautious of automated systems (largely due to social media automation programs). Also, It irks me that their website says “All data is verified. Lawyers cannot alter their ratings or ‘game’ the system.” Transparency is at an all-time high due to social media. Lawyers are rated via Google ratings, Facebook ratings, Yelp Reviews, etc. You can’t easily alter these ratings.

The great part of these negative ratings is you get to see how the lawyer responds, or if they respond at all. I’ve seen a lot of conflicts resolved this way. 

What happens if a lawyer finds incorrect info on Legalist? Is it easy to rectify?

Legalist Doesn’t Have Any Corporate Social Media Accounts

LegalList no social mediaFinally, Legalist doesn’t have a corporate Facebook Page, Twitter Account, LinkedIn Company Page, Instagram Account, etc. I took a gander and all of their vanity URLs are taken. They will have to make variations which isn’t a big problem – I’m just a wee bit of a perfectionist. 

It’s always a good idea to create your social media accounts right away to get the name you want. If you have any questions about this, please contact me. I’ll be happy to help.

I created the below example to show how identical vanity URLs help with branding and professionalism. Doesn’t it look great? It’s also a great way for clients to find you because they’ll assume your Vanity URL is your business name.

  • http://www.twitter.com/mylovelycompany
  • http://www.facebook.com/mylovelycompany
  • http://www.instagram.com/mylovelycompany
  • http://www.linkedin.com/company/mylovelycompany

Lastly, their current website URL ends in .us instead of .com  (http://legalist.us/). Are they taking Legalist worldwide? Stay Tuned!

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