WTF? Don’t Focus All Your Effort on One Social Platform!

Beware, this is a dramatic post.

This is one of the most important articles you’ll read, especially if you’re investing all your time in one network. As you may have heard, it’s rumoured that Blab (one of my favourite networks) is shutting down.

Blab is an online and mobile video platform that encourages audience participation in broadcasts. Check out The Ultimate Guide to if you aren’t familiar with it.

Why It’s Stupid to Focus on One Social Network

Your clients (and potential clients) spend time across multiple networks. Don’t fool yourself, there isn’t a Holy Grail of social networks. Take a moment and think about what networks you use every day – I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn,SnapChat, Blab (while it lasts), and Zoom. Learn more about Zoom here – it’s a great platform, especially for those looking for a blab alternative.

Social networks fail! Blab didn’t monetize their network (no ads) so they are going down the drain. Some users created weekly/daily shows and didn’t stream them anywhere else (Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Zoom, etc.). They built up a loyal Blab following but what happens when Blab pulls the plug? Here’s how to rectify this issue. My friends with Blab shows are utilizing new networks and they are teaching their audience how to use them AKA their audience knows how to find them when Blab disappears. 

Social media networks are free to use. You don’t own your profile or your contacts. Read the TOS. Also, they most likely own all your images as well. Can you imagine losing all of that? Some people consider their Twitter followers a client list – read my previous article to see the craziness!

An Easy Solution

Here’s how to save yourself when a social platform goes down the drain – get a website!

social audience

Go to, buy a domain and own a piece of the Internet. Your website should be the hub of all your online activity. Your audience should know where to find you – if a social platform goes down, they’ll go to your site and figure out what’s going on. Did you know 90% of lawyers have inaccurate info on their websites? Make sure all your info/links are correct and you’re already ahead of the competition.

Simple right? Make sure your website is listed on all your sites and tell your audience where to find you – cross promote your accounts. You may feel like you’re being redundant, but you’re not. Your audience is your most valuable asset.

I’ve seen networks come and go. Everyone gets mad and then everyone gets over it. Quora?

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